17 sarcastic marketing predictions for 2023 from a Gen Zer

Wiktoria Wójcik
3 min readFeb 6, 2023


And yet.. I’m still gonna do it because its fun.

🎮Gaming, esports and metaverse

1) To nobody’s surprise most metaverse campaigns will be gaming activations wrapped in more buzzwordy headlines.

2) In good news: there will be more work being done in the real Metaverse technology, standards and legislation fields.

3) People will continue to re-share awful Decentraland and Horizon World screenshots with “haha! Metaverse looks bad!”. They will be right and miss the point completely at the same time.

4) Esports will stop being used as a synonym for gaming (in line with esports being a less trendy buzzword).

5) But esports organizations will mix it up again by switching their operational model from competitive gaming to being a gaming media company. Streamers and influencers will have fun. 🤑

6) Major brands will withdraw from sponsoring esports teams. (BMW already did!) But overall we will see more activity of brands in gaming.

7) Female gamers will continue to be the holy grail of campaign targeting. With more brands wanting “in” and more agencies not being able to answer exactly “how”. 👸

💁‍♀️Creator economy & #influencers

8) Micro-influencers are on the rise for the 3rd year in a row as they continue to be cheaper than big celebrities.

9) B2B influencers will be getting the bag from companies that finally accept that most decisions are not in fact rational.

10) Creator economy startups that raised shitton in 2021 will start to realize that most creators (like most consumers) are quite lazy and happy with their life and do not want to use a 100th tool to get 2% more income

11) Live streaming: YouTube, even though it’s in a perfect position for that, will not do much to take over Twitch. Twitch will continue to milk streamers as much as possible.

🤹‍♀️Social media & others:

12)Marketers will still treat Gen Z as kids. At the same time, the oldest Gen Z will turn 26 and have kids on their own.

13) There will be 50% more people wasting time failing to get AI to generate the content they want. And then writing it themselves (that’s me).

14) To the dismay of your brandbook, TikTok ads will continue to perform better when they look like content created by a 13-yr old

15) We will see 50% fewer brands trying to create a viral branded TikTok dance. 90% of those dances will continue to be cringe.

16) While every platform will be focused on copying TikTok; TikTok will move to copy and replace everyone. Starting with Google.

17) Last but not least:
Marketers will be in awe after keynotes that can be summed up as
“Nobody cares about your brand. Do things that bring people value”.

With which do you (not) agree?
What are your marketing predictions for 2023?

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