5 skills your kid will learn if they want to be a YouTuber

Wiktoria Wójcik
2 min readMar 2, 2023


People often ask me:
Here is what I answer:

First thing:
😵Don’t panic.
You are not alone.

30% of kids want to become YouTubers.
It’s not about that love of video content. But they want to express themselves creatively and most likely their idols are YouTubers themselves.

And most importantly: They WANT to talk with you about it. Don’t waste this chance.

⭐Dreaming of becoming a streamer, YouTuber or TikTok might be a good thing.
Best case scenario: They make a career out of their passion.
Worst case scenario: They learn a lot of essential skills and traits.
Win-win. 🏆

👨‍🎓By being a digital content creator your kid can learn:

✅Patience and resilience
It takes a lot of hard and consistent work to make it as a creator. Content takes hours to make and you need a lot of it to become popular. Being a creator is a humbling lesson on resilience.
✅Creativity and storytelling
In video, live streaming, blogging the only way to win is to stand out creatively. They will need to constantly search for new topics and angles.
✅ Public speaking
You are constantly narrating and talking to other people, the best streamers are just great speakers. Your kid will learn how to talk so others listen.
✅ Basics of digital marketing
From descriptions to social media and Discord servers for fans. They will need to learn how to do it right and most importantly — how to search for that knowledge.
✅ Value of work and money
Nothing feels better than earning your first dollar on Twitch or YouTube. But they will soon discover that it will take them a lot of hard work to get to the millions they dreamed of.
✅A variety of hard skills.
Video, audio and graphic montage and editing, preparing thumbnails, lighting, and research. Being able to learn new digital tools always helps. I use skills from streaming in my work every day.

✍Conclusion: If done right becoming a creator is a great learning experience for your child.

This post was too long for Linkedin so in the next one I will talk briefly about WHAT exactly I’d do in this situation and how to avoid dangers. Curious? Follow me :)

And what would you do if your kid wanted to become a digital creator?



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