7 steps of adoption of the Metaverse

Here are the 7 steps of adoption that will drive us to metaverse existence:

1️⃣ [done 10 years ago] Agree that a second digital life exists

We do that already by having most of our daily life on/influenced by the Internet. Digital personalities, friendships and assets.

Final Fantasy XIV wedding

2️⃣ [already happening] Parallel digital (inc. VR) experiences

Closed 3D virtual worlds with a focus on certain experiences. Games like Fortnite and Roblox, MMO’s like Final Fantasy XIV. Learning human anatomy in VR. VR Chat, Facebook Horizon. Early metaplatforms with in-depth but vertical experiences.

VR chat avatar dynamics

3️⃣ Expanding world in AR

Pokemon GO was the first major signal. Expanding our daily life with AR technology. Mostly not generalized one but for certain verticals — like medicine (this example from Good Doctor imagines it nicely). It’s already happening but I predict that in 4 years the adoption will be even bigger.

4️⃣ Major advancements and adoption of VR technology and the existence of high-quality open and decentralized meta platforms

This will be similar to what smartphones did to how we communicate and use Internet circa 2013 when it was a tipping point for the mobile-first approach. Now it will be the tipping moment of the metaverse-first approach.

5️⃣Haptic devices massive adoption and advancement

We will be doing most of our daily stuff in the Metaverse and we’ll be finally feeling those experiences in a physical sense.

6️⃣Brain-computer interface based experiences

The next step is making sure that we really and fully can experience physicality in the digital world and can move in it in a natural way for us, not through controllers.

7️⃣Full decentralized, interoperable parallel universe — the metaverse

All the above might sound scary and Sci-Fi and there will be many threats associated with them (as with any new technology).
But the last step is a fully unbounded, experienced in all senses, digital second life.



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Wiktoria Wójcik

Wiktoria Wójcik


co-founder of inStreamly, Genki.me & Streamcoi. Writing about GenZ, metaverse and gaming — especially from the angle of marketing.