Generation Z and a love-hate relationship with social media

Wiktoria Wójcik
2 min readFeb 28


Generation Z has a love-hate relationship with social media.
✍ And you too may be stuck in such a relationship — even if you are not a Zoomer. [Read more + data 👇 ]

YES, social media is an important part of Gen Z lives:

👉 44% of Zers check social media profiles at least hourly (Textnow);
👉 63% of Gen Z reports regularly turning to TikTok to learn something (Harris Poll)
👉 Social media is the second most important use for mobiles for Gen Z (30.9%); (Textnow)
👉 Ads in social media get the most attention (36.9%); (Textnow)


💔 1 in 3 teens’ use of Instagram makes them feel worse (internal Facebook research published by TWSJ);
💔 56% of Gen Zers say social media makes them feel excluded by their peers (Tallo);
💔 49% of Gen Z buy on impulse on social media. And 64% of them regret it later. (Bankrate).

That’s why you’ll increasingly read articles where Zers say they’re fed up with social media.

Although, as a Pew Research study shows — 54% of Zoomers think it would be hard for them to leave social media.
They have simply become an important part of our lives.

➡ For marketers:

Zers don’t like social media but they are still on it.
And your brand should be in them too, BUT — be an ally, not an enemy. Give Gen Z value in your channels.
Educate, support and challenge them.
Make this time spent on social media with your brand something they won’t instantly regret.
In the end:

“Gen Z are “22% more likely to say they’ve stopped following a brand online in the past month.” (Forbes)

And what do you think about social media?
Let me know if you have Gen Z’s soul 👉 💬

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