Why Gen Z is not excited about “the metaverse”

Wiktoria Wójcik
2 min readMar 2, 2023

Only 38% of Zoomers believe the metaverse is the next big thing. Does that mean Zers don’t believe in the metaverse? It’s a little more complicated than that. 👇

Surely, you’ve heard many times that Generation Z will love the metaverse. Or that they already love it. And you’ve probably even seen “studies” on it. 🤷‍♀️

Often those studies were about VR games or other kinds of gaming. And Zers just… like games. However, that doesn’t mean at all that they are in love with the metaverse.

➡ Harris Poll found that only 38% of Gen Z think the metaverse will be a big deal;
➡ in contrast, as many as 48% of Millennials think the same;
➡ Zoomers are also not particularly positive about buying virtual products in the metaverse — only 37% think it makes sense;
➡ Millennials would be more likely to buy such products — 51%;
➡ 46% of Zers, however, believe their jobs will be linked to the metaverse in the future. And interestingly, the same percentage would like to work in the metaverse;
➡ And here Millennials fare worse, as we have 42% and 40%, respectively.

Does this mean that Gen Z doesn’t want or doesn’t like the metaverse?
Not really.
In fact, they are the ones that are already ready to lead a totally digital second life.

Zers are already buying digital products.
They are making virtual friendships — thanks to gaming. 🙏

👉 And they have a foretaste of the metaverse in the form of MMO games like Roblox or are taking courses in the “metaverse” at the University of Tokyo, for example.

So, why don’t Zers like to hear about the metaverse when they actually “do metaverse things”? 🤔

Because they don’t get the arguments about digital products, personalization of avatars, etc.
They just do it already.

To convince Gen Z of the metaverse, you have to point out to them things they can’t do in Roblox, VR Chat, etc.

Talk about total immersiveness and really switching the Internet from 2D to 3D. Games are the new normal. Metaverse is a much broader vision — and that makes it exciting.

As simple as that. 🎮

And for you, is the metaverse the next big thing?
Or has it been overshadowed by AI? ;)
Let me know in the comments. 💭

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