Why Gen Z love Web3 as an idea. This is what every marketer should understand about the trend.

Wiktoria Wójcik
2 min readMar 6


I (mostly) do not believe in Web 3.
BUT I think the core ideas of Web 3 tell a lot about my generation
Here is what I mean.

🔥Web 3.0 spread like fire in 2021.
For some, it was about easy money.
But for others it was about the meaning:

Decentralization, ownership, democratization.

Even if Web 3.0 passes as just a fad I think it showed some societal changes in the making.
◻It really resonated with Gen Z. ◻

Here is how:

▶Ownership + anti-work entrepreneurial spirit
63,7% of Gen Z want to become an entrepreneur in the future.
We “do not dream of labour”, and do not associate success with backbreaking careers.
That’s why the idea of small businesses and the ability to contribute to a small part of a project (DAO) and earn resonated so much.

▶Democratization + communities
More than two-thirds (65%) of Gen Z feel more confident online when using community-focused social apps like Discord or Twitch over feed apps like Instagram and Twitter.
56% of Gen Z is friends with somebody they know only online.
Communities and doing stuff together just work. And Web 3.0 brought the idea of it being an actual way to live not only to have fun.

▶Ownership + decentralization
We own digital shit. And we got banned from a platform at least once in our life. Hating the establishment controlling our lives is a part of being young. This is why the idea of decentralized currencies, ownership of assets and control of our privacy resonated so much.

✍In short:
Even if you do not believe in the future Web 3.0 the ideas behind it resonate with the biggest generation in the world and you should not downplay it.

🏄‍♀️Tip for marketers wanting to “do Web 3.0”:
Those insights are more important to understand than the tech side of Web3.
Your NFT project will be a flop if it does not correspond with the above values. And you do not need to do ✨a Web 3.0 project✨ to reach Web3.0 native audiences.

What do you think? Do you believe in the ideas of Web 3?

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Disclaimer: I like the idea and technology behind Web 3.0 I do not believe in 99% of projects and cash grabs of the last 2 years.
Love the tech, hate the tech-bro. ✌



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